I'm 51. My ex-husband divorced me 7 years ago. Classic of the genre - took care of himself and 25 years of marriage did not hold. He went to a rented apartment, mistress was not (at least he did not go to a woman).

So I for about 4 years, I was filling myself with hope that he would come back. And then I found out that he got married 2 years after the divorce.

Just like that, nice and easy. And had another child. Why I suffered for him all these years, I don't know. And from our children he also hid that he married and even about the birth of his son did not immediately told.

But this is not the topic. How to stop lamenting about the lived years and stop envying the young wife of the ex-husband?

She's 19 years younger. We now sometimes communicate, I see that she is completely different and the ex-husband is not so demanding.

In short, to live 25 years of marriage and find out that a clean house and hot food is not a guarantee of love. It's a shame about the lost time. In short, all and not to tell.

But now thoughts only about one thing - I should have gone out until 30 years, then have a child, and it is possible and not in marriage, and live in their own pleasure. And envy of my young wife is eating me up. I don't know how not to be jealous?