As a preface to my beloved female readers, I want to express my deep respect and appreciation for all women. It's not my intention to offend or insult anyone with my story.

My situation might seem quite typical. I'm a 29-year-old man who has had very limited interactions with women due to my shy and introverted nature. Consequently, I find myself still a virgin at this age.

My life took an unexpected turn when a woman joined our workplace. She might not be everyone's type, but I was instantly smitten. She was vibrant, sweet, and always smiling. I knew from the start that she was recently divorced and had two children, with an eight-year age gap between them.

Driven by a sense of fairness, I instantly sympathized with her, idealizing her in my mind. I recognize that this may not be the most rational approach, but there's something about her that resonates deeply with me. We've talked, and she seems open to the idea of marriage, provided I meet her expectations.

She's quite interested in psychology, which intrigues me. However, my love for her has overwhelmed me. I'm deeply in love and very much desire to be with her. Through some conversations, I've learned that her ex-husband is a great man, an ideal father. Frankly, I feel I fall short in comparison.

This leads me to my dilemma and the advice I seek. From a moral standpoint, I feel it's wrong to intrude into what remains of their family, even though it's currently fractured. Part of me thinks that if I truly love her, I should help her reunite with her ex-husband.

On a personal level, I am deeply in love and the thought of not pursuing this relationship breaks my heart. Additionally, we haven't been intimate; I'm still a virgin. She seems to be waiting for a deeper commitment, possibly marriage, before taking that step.

There's also the option of seeking relationships with other women, but morally, I find it challenging to consider. I am in need of guidance on how to navigate these complex emotions and what steps I should consider next in this intricate situation.

In conclusion, falling for a woman with children has introduced me to a world of complex emotions and moral dilemmas. My feelings for her are intense and sincere, but I'm also aware of the responsibilities and the dynamics of her past relationship. I'm at a crossroads, seeking advice on how to proceed with respect, integrity, and a clear conscience.