Hello, I have fallen in love with a man from Moldova. We are both 39 years old and have been dating for over a month.

I've been living in Israel for many years and met him on a dating site. He has been in the country for four years, working in construction. He is here on a work visa and does not have citizenship.

Typically, I never date tourists, but there was something about him that I really liked. However, I am concerned that he might be with me to obtain citizenship, even though he says he doesn’t need it. Still, he has hinted at the possibility of marrying me in the future.

My mother is completely against this relationship. We often argue about it because, in her opinion, all tourists are deceivers. Does anyone have experience with someone from Moldova or a Moldovan woman? What are they like?

What do you think—can tourists be trusted? I’ve heard of people who married tourists and are very happy.