Advice on how to stop falling in love with poor men? I very rarely like someone, but if I fall in love, it's always with unambitious, unsecured men who live in a dorm/parents' house and only take me out for coffee and give me chocolate bars.

It's like an obsession. I also get hung up on memories long after they dump me because of "mercantilism" (I just want a restaurant and a nice bouquet, nothing more, honestly).

And other men I can not find, with these I meet on the Internet. I am 31 years old, I am beautiful, I do not need material support from men, I just want a beautiful courtship, to feel like a beloved woman, finally.

I work from home, I do not have a social circle, only school friends who live in other cities, I correspond with them on Votsapu. I go everywhere alone. I visit expensive restaurants, cafeterias, but no one comes up to me just like that, and on dating sites some workers / graduate students / sales managers with a salary 6-7 times less than mine.

How do I stop falling in love with unsuitable people? I'm really hurt by these breakups. Here's one that broke up in June (he was a petty bank clerk), said "we have different values".

Soon it will be a year, and I am still agonizing! I keep thinking back to him and haven't found anyone, haven't gone on a single date. I do not want to go out with a salesman or a system administrator again. What to do in this situation? It is sad to live without love at all, and there are no worthy men((.