In the beginning, my relationship with my current boyfriend was long-distance, seeing each other once a month.

It was at that time that my ex, for whom I had been suffering for a long time, showed up in my life. And it happened so that we talked and eventually slept together (I thought I still had feelings for this man, but after that I realized that I felt absolutely nothing for him).

After this incident I decided to let it go and continued my relationship with my current man.

I didn't really care about it, but lately I've been really scared of him finding out about it.

It's been quite a while since that situation, but still.
I'm trying to justify myself by saying that at the beginning of the relationship I didn't love him and I lacked male attention because he was away. But now, lately, I am very much afraid that he will somehow find out about it.

I have grown very fond of this man and I know how much he loves me too but if he finds out it will be the end of our relationship.

Dear ladies, can you give me some advice on this situation please. What to do? How do you deal with the guilt?