Hello, here is the situation: I am 43, my daughter is 22. I divorced her father 10 years ago, I have never found a man, although I am quite an attractive woman. I always wanted a simple woman's happiness, but all wrong.

And then my daughter brought home her new boyfriend, he was 25. When they came in I was speechless. He seemed like an ordinary guy, but I liked everything about him. He looked good, he sounded good, and I liked the way he spoke.

I think about him all the time, I found him in social networks, I look at his photos 100 times a day.

⠀ I keep pushing my daughter to take him out, and I try to put on my best clothes and makeup before he comes. How can I draw his attention to myself?

My daughter is not pretty, just like her father, I thought her boyfriend would be interested in me, but no. I love my daughter very much, but I can't help it, she gave birth to a rival, it's both funny and sad.

She is young, she will find someone else, and I do not think they are serious. What do you advise?