Good evening! I found someone else's women's T-shirt at home. For some circumstances (I had to help my mother with cataracts) I lived with a six-month-old child apart from my husband. My husband stayed in our apartment.

Some time ago I asked my husband to bring some baby stuff. I had forgotten about them, today I found a package and among the slip-ons a women's T-shirt, size S (like mine), at first I even thought mine at first, then I looked closely: it has a logo: it says airdance, circus art center.

The fact that I had a friend who corresponded with her husband on the verge of a foul, while calling him the best friend, then we had a talk with him on this subject, relations with his girlfriend slowly fizzled out, but vkontakte friends, she was seen that she became a trainer aeroyoga, just hanging on these tapes (as in the logo). Then she deleted me from her friends.

I looked at her account now and I see that she is in the group of this center. The t-shirt gives the impression of being new or almost new. Going home tomorrow.

What should I do, girls, honey? How do I start a conversation? Talk about it? I'm still breastfeeding, I don't want to be nervous. I'm in a complete state of confusion.