I got married last summer, my husband and I have been together for 4 years. Everything was good, love carrots and everything, in October I found out that he was gambling, namely, betting on matches!

He lost all of our savings, and it was a million and a half, and I couldn't find myself at the time, but I forgave him!

Because he begged me not to do it again, to help him get rid of the disease and the like.

So we lived in peace for another three months and in January he lost 300,000 again. All the same apologies, prayers not to quit.

And now the worst thing, today I found out that he started gambling again for these three days and lost 700 thousand. I am in tears, I am just hysterical. He keeps silent, he is ashamed to say anything to me, he only asks me not to leave him, otherwise he will fuck himself.

I wanted to leave, but I saw his condition and really feared he would do something to himself.

I love him very much, we want to have a baby this year, but how after that? How can I trust again, how can I believe that he will not lose everything again? And what if he loses every penny, his apartment and his car? What will I do?