I recently met a man through work who took quite a fancy to me. He started to court me not long after we met, showing a generous spirit. He’s a widower with an adult child and owns a beautiful, tidy home with a car to boot.

However, there’s a catch. This man loves his home and garden to bits, dedicating every weekend to tending it. Dressed in overalls, he personally delves into the soil, working the land with his own hands.

He owns a collection of pricey gardening equipment that buzzes, rustles, and puffs away. As a city girl, my experience with the outdoors is limited to occasional barbecues at friends' country houses. I’ve never been one for gardening, lacking even a single houseplant, and my parents don’t own a country house either.

This past weekend, I spent my time at his place. He handed me a rake and showed me how to use it. After a mere 15 minutes of trying, I realized how strenuous gardening could be. No amount of love for greens could make me want to toil so hard, plus my legs and hands were filthy, despite wearing gloves. Eventually, I put the rake down and retreated indoors. He seemed quite displeased with my lack of enthusiasm.

Why exert yourself when you can just buy greens? There’s no heat yet, and I can’t imagine doing it in hot weather. I’m not weak; I go to the gym twice a week, but I just can’t share his passion for country living. What do you think, is there anything I can do about this situation?