My husband really wanted this baby, but I don't. I don't like children, I don't want them, I feel sorry for myself and my time.

When I was three months pregnant he started to behave disgustingly: he was rude, he practically made me beg for money, then he gave me money grudgingly. In the end we separated.

He started living with my mother, as if nothing had happened, behaving like a free man. I was torn between work and a normal pregnancy. I gave birth and he came to the maternity hospital so happy. He brought me home from the hospital, stayed with us till evening and then he left.

─ When I saw that, I told him that we had to decide who would take care of the baby, since I was planning to work too. He did not take my words seriously, thought it was a joke. So he went to live his own life.

I was the only one who bought for the baby. He gave me money, but only to a limited extent; I chose and ordered everything myself. After a month with the baby, I called him and told him that it was his turn. He just hung up on me.

I loaded the stroller, the baby, his things, food and diapers into the car and drove to their house.

Called his mom, she came out to me, I got everything out of the car and told her it was her son's turn to look after the baby. If he can't handle it, then let them deal with the issue on their own as they want.