Two years into our relationship, my boyfriend expressed his desire to become a father. He spoke about it constantly, filling our conversations with visions of a future as parents. However, when I called him to share news of my pregnancy, confirmed by a positive test, he abruptly hung up the phone.

The following day, I reached out again, and we met to discuss the situation. It was then he revealed that he no longer wanted the child, nor did he want to continue our relationship. He confessed that he had fallen out of love with me.

Feeling isolated and desperate for support, I turned to his mother, hoping for understanding or assistance. Instead, she made it clear that she was not ready to become a grandmother. She considered herself too young and suggested that I consider an abortion. My boyfriend echoed his mother's sentiment, stating that the decision was mine to make, but he would not take part in raising the child. He justified his detachment by emphasizing his commitments to school and work at only 20 years of age, while I, soon to turn 19, am already working.

My mother, in contrast, offered her unconditional support. She assured me that she would accept any decision I made, understanding that an abortion was not something I could consider.

Now, I find myself pondering my next steps. Returning to live with my mother seems like imposing on her, yet working from home might be feasible as I own my apartment, and my mother's house is not far from mine.

I am still trying to understand his abrupt change of heart. He was the one who passionately wanted a child, and now he avoids my calls and gives no responses. This betrayal leaves me questioning much about our relationship and what the future holds for me and my unborn child.