After 7 months, the man called me to cohabit, and I said that I did not want to have the status of a cohabitant in his apartment. But he is not ready to marry me yet.

I know he's not ready to marry me. He wants to have a live-in maid, but he's not ready to make it legal.

We are 27 years old, we each have our own apartment. It makes me so angry, do people only see me as a cohabitant?

He says, "What if we don't get along, and then what?" And the fact that I'll be thrown out of the apartment, and he won't take any responsibility - is that okay? It hurts me so much.

Even though everything with us is perfect now, I'm not afraid to insist and not move in with him. Let him propose, and in the interval between the proposal and the registry office we can live together and find out everything there.

But I'm not going to let myself be taken advantage of and then disappear. Now it's more complicated than that. If things don't change after a while, we will have to separate.

Marriage to me is not a goal, but a means to show that a person is willing to take responsibility for their words. If that stamp means nothing, then what's the problem with putting it and forgetting it. The problem is responsibility, and that hurts me. Do you think he will propose or insist on cohabitation?