My boyfriend and I have been together for six months. We haven't talked about finances, he doesn't know how much I earn, I only know approximately how much he earns.

I earn about twice as much as my MH. The other day we went to the bank where I have my savings account. He asked me how much money I had in there. I didn't want to answer at first, I tried to make a joke, but he insisted.

I told him about half a million (rubles, of course). He was very surprised. And I'm just saving up in this account from 18 lel.

And then yesterday my MH asked me to lend him half a million for a car. He doesn't have a car and he doesn't have any savings either and then it occurred to him to buy a car.

I would hate to lend him the money because anything can happen (he doesn't want to hear about a receipt, it's insulting) and I would lose the interest charged by the bank in any case.

How can I politely refuse the man or should I lend him the money?

⠀ I offered him a loan from a bank, but he doesn't want to pay interest, and he has no savings and needs a down payment. I am 23 and he is 27.