Hi, everybody.
I am 23 and so is he. Together for 4 years, of which 2.5 years we live together.

For the last year I started asking questions carefully - when is the wedding.
During the first conversation he said he was not ready, during the subsequent ones, too, operating on the fact that we are not yet standing on our feet (although both work, have a stable salary of 100-120k for both, his apartment, in property).

At first I thought he needed to grow up, I'll wait a bit. But lately I've been guessing that he won't be ready in a year or two.

I've always wanted to start a family before I was 25, and then to get on with my career, self-development, and taking the kids up. I wondered if I wanted to marry him or if it was the fact that mattered at all, and I came to the conclusion that it was with him.

Today he told me that he didn't want a family and children at the moment and that he definitely wouldn't want them in the next 3-5 years. And this is very important to me, we have been together for a long time, and accordingly the relationship needs further development.

But I can not accept it. We are ALL good, really. We live soul to soul, we love each other.

I do not know what to do, the situation is hopeless. I am a realist, I understand everything, but deep down inside there is an optimist, who to the last drowning in the fact that we can survive everything together.

Another thing is that he is from another city and would like to move back to his homeland. I do not want to move, but it is possible that I would leave everything for the sake of the family, I do not know, since such an offer has not come.

However, from our conversation I understood that the problem is not in moving, but in his unwillingness to do serious things and take responsibility. He does not see himself as a husband and father.

Maybe someone has experienced something similar. Please tell me what to do, is it really necessary to end it all?