Good afternoon. Married for 12 years, I'm 35, my husband is 39. Have a schoolboy child.

As fate would have it, I volunteered at a hospital last summer.

I met a guy there, 25 years old. I helped take care of him, and we kind of hit it off.

Then I left, but we kept in touch from time to time, I would check on his rehab, he would ask how I was, etc.

Since early summer he has been sending love texts every day, calling all the time to say that he misses me, wants to come over, says he likes me, etc.

Frankly speaking, I was frightened of such pressure, although my husband has not noticed me as a woman lately, s*x is rare, my tender manifestations are neither fish nor meat.

But throwing myself into a relationship with this guy seems silly at my age.

What should I do?! He knows my age, my childhood and my marital status.
What does he want?!