It so happened that my son married a woman who was not suitable for us and for him.

We brought up our son in such a way that a woman should run a household, take care of her husband, work part-time, be able to provide for herself, not be a spender, be a family woman, respect the older generation.

That's how he sees his woman. He has never liked bitches, women who need to please, take to restaurants, flowers, etc.

But he fell for the complete opposite. He fell in love, got married quickly, and now he's in shock.

She works late, the budget, as I realised, there is no common. It's all on her son, where she spends it, I don't know. At home, she makes her son do everything together, all forgive always unaffordable expensive. He buys. In restaurants all the time sit, under the pretext that she is tired at work.
My son complains all the time, but for some reason he doesn't leave. I can see he's upset, no money. My heart's not in it. Mercantile girls have already fallen for him, but I managed to survive them, to open my son's eyes.

And here it seems and agrees with me in everything, but again all over again: and he cooks, and cleans, and bouquets her carries.

What can I do? After all, if she wants to give birth, in general will sit on his son's neck? They live separately from us, their own flat. They rarely visit us, because the bride guessed that I am against their marriage.

As a person she is selfish, impression that on the mind only career, entertainment, resorts. The guys are very young - 25 years old both.

I know and see that my son is unhappy. I don't like that he has distanced himself from us parents. Help mums who are in the same situation?

Anticipating some responses and so here goes, when your son marries a selfish woman or your daughter marries an alfonso and alienates them from their family, I will look at you to see how you talk.

I'm here for advice and help.