I spend some of my free time on the famous dating app. So, a sympathy flies in with a guy. We chat, everything's fine.

After a while it turns out that I work out in the gym, which is near his work.

So I'm working out, and he texts me, "Do you want to meet?" And I didn't want to, you know how a person can look after an hour of strength training. The young man was very persistent)))))

I, he says, I'll pick you up and we'll go for a walk. Okay. I, he says, I'll pick you up at the coffee shop, what can I get you? I ask you to bring me a blue matcha (you can google it). Okay, he says I got it, I'm on my way. I'm getting ready leisurely, anticipating a tasty coffee break and a walk, as suddenly I get a message "for coffee, by the way, 280 can be transferred to the card by number". And then, somehow unexpectedly, the desire to see each other disappeared.

When a man himself offers to bring coffee, it seems logical that you hardly have to pay for it.

He would have said, "I'm in the coffee shop, if you need something, throw money, I'll take it". Besides, it's caffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, not steak filet mignon))))))

Am I right? I want to read different opinions.