He is greedy for money, mostly, I support my children, take them abroad for holidays completely at my own expense, feed and clothe them, although my salary is about the same. He only pays utility bills. There are disagreements about the upbringing of children too.

He does not want to correct himself, on the plus side, the children are still engaged, walks, leads to classes, etc.

For myself finally decided that I am much better without him. The status of a divorcee with children, I am not afraid, I can provide myself.

Husband categorically does not want to divorce, feed promises to correct. But, firstly, is not corrected, and, secondly, as I imagine that I will live with him until 50 so bad becomes.

The question is how to decide on this whole procedure, if the husband is against it, how to avoid scandals and stress for the children?

I suspect he will be angry and set the children up, greedy when dividing property etc. Relatives will also be against it, like you are leaving such a good husband, leaving the children without a father. Why no father? Is he cancelled in the divorce?

I don't know how to make up my mind and endure it all. There's no moral support from anyone.

Maybe someone has experience of divorce in similar situations?