It's not even a lover. Had a big fight with my husband like never before and sinned once more in my home drunk (it wasn't me there) but a drunken d*re who didn't think of the consequences!!!

It was scary and embarrassing the next day. So it's been a month, everything's great with my husband, and this mu...ila shows up! He calls, wants to see me. I said, 'I don't know who and what you are, I have a husband, don't call me. Contrary to my expectations he snapped, threatened to be rude - "I have such and such an address, and you will not get into the lift, and you do not have a husband, and if I do, give me the phone, I will tell him everything, down to the smallest detail in the flat. I'm stunned. How did this premature boy have such a phenomenal memory in his condition?

I slowed down and politely asked him not to ruin the family and not to disturb me with phone calls. Luckily he relented and said OK. The feeling of anxiety did not leave me. We left for another city for the whole weekend and I finally calmed down. When we arrived my husband went to a friend's house for a bit. And then the phone rang.

I felt cold, my heart was pounding. I answered the phone, "What do you want?!? "We've made up our minds." The answer was shocking. What husband!? You don't have one, I'll be right there, OK?" I was shaken.

After 10 minutes of persuasion, I managed to reason with him. But the process was set in motion - I was shaking and stunned.

My husband came in and I feverishly began to think about what to do next. We sat down to dinner and the phone rang again. I hung up. It went on like that all night. I didn't sleep a wink till morning, listened to the lift, the footsteps, turned off the intercom, but I know it's no use if the b*tch decides to come over.

I don't understand how you can be so stupid or self-righteous as to call and demand something. It's been there. Forget it.!!!! You're a man. Especially when you wake up after a month!

Now I live in fear day in and day out, hating myself, hating him. Please give me advice, what to do? How to discourage? Please don't write "it's your own fault" comments.