Striptease helps to loosen up. Most members of the stronger sex note that their women can not fully relax in bed, which negatively affects the sexual relationship of the couple. People begin to imagine each other in the image of an impregnable fortress. And the key to it is lost in the depths of their own fears and shyness.
From this point of view, striptease teaches a man to be confident in his own advantages and virtues. Erotic dance makes a woman more open, and the man has a desire to look behind the curtain of this "inaccessible openness. Nothing turns a man on so much as the passion in a woman's eyes and grace in her body movements.

Absolutely every man loves new things in bed. By the way, it is the desire for novelty that pushes the stronger sex to cheat.
Conclusion one: make your relationship more diverse, give free rein to your feelings and instincts. And the striptease here would be just right.
Meet your loved one after work with a glass of warm mulled wine, in an erotic robe and elegant lace stockings. Start with an innocent kiss on the cheek, turn on the music and begin to move smoothly to the rhythm of the tune. After the room plays sensual music, your body will be a real weapon of seduction. Move smoothly and elegantly!