My boyfriend has a lot of photos of me in his phone, but lately our relationship has fallen apart, we often quarrel, he hinted that if I misbehave he will put my photos on social media, will send them to all our acquaintances.

I asked him if he was ashamed to do this to his girlfriend, and he said that if this happened, I would be an ex, and he would not care, because in his opinion, I flirt with others, although it is not true.

He is just terribly jealous, on any occasion rolls up scandals, it is just impossible to neutrally look away, even to the pole ready to be jealous. I am a young teacher at the university, he is my student, four years younger than me.

In the line of work I have to communicate with other students, it is absolutely natural, and for sure there are those who like me, it happens. But that doesn't mean that I'm interested in all those people in terms of relationships on the side. I'm totally fine with my boyfriend, he's handsome, smart, but he has a very complicated personality and I can also see him manipulating me. He seems to be a narcissist.

I don't want to have a terrible breakup somehow, also the constant fear that other colleagues and students will see my naked pics.

Tell me, is it too awful if I get into his phone and erase these photos? What's the best way to do that - when he's taking a shower? I feel like he takes his phone with him everywhere, even to the bathroom. What should I do? What would you do if you were me?

I'm afraid he will carry out his threats, I know him, judging by the stories about his exes he hasn't spared.