Hello. I have been living with a man for two years. The first year he gave me a ring so no one would think I was a mistress. The difference in age 17 years.

But our relationship is something beautiful, tender, we live together, all the time together, there was only one separation for a month, but we were always in touch.

I am always at home, working for him, helping with his business. I am very good at it. We travel a lot, we often visit his relatives.

BUT! He won't split up with his wife, he says there will be a lot of problems with that and now is not the time.

We are planning a baby and have been trying for three months. My wife keeps writing that she loves him and is waiting for him at home. Every morning she wishes him a good day.

What to do? What to do?

I can't feel at ease while things are like this now and he is in the marriage. My mother was initially against our relationship. But after a while she saw his good attitude towards me and saw how strong they are. We respect each other, always find common ground.

Tell me how to be, what to do? I keep quiet about it all, but I can not keep it to myself forever. Once he went to show off in front of me to file for divorce. But it did not happen. Why does not he divorce? How to insist on a divorce?