In general, the story is very long, but the facts are as follows: we have been living with a man for 3 years, there is a one-year-old child, soon to give birth to the second. We are not married.

We lived in a rented house but as our relationship didn't suit me, I wanted to leave when my first baby was born but he wouldn't let me do it by force or persuasion.

Bought a one-room apartment, moved out, but I can not get rid of him - he does not have keys to the apartment, but if I do not let - he breaks handles, locks, sometimes cheats, like a child to go for a walk, so you do not drag the 5th floor without an elevator, then just pushes and mad (breaks appliances - my phones, TV, washing machine - in general, all things, things, doors, documents).

I am really afraid of this man, I have no money, because of this life I am constantly in debt (I still have to pay the debt for the apartment) and to stop him scaring me, the child, some things left - I started to let him in again.

I moved to his hometown three years ago. No one I know, no parents here. Reported to the police, but no witnesses as it's all behind closed doors, my phones are destroyed immediately - even write down next to put, his parents *** say "do not go ** to us with such problems, deal with it yourself.

I bought an apartment in this town as he wouldn't let me leave, and with a baby in coronavirus it was hard to do, but he promised me that we would part if I stayed in town and he could raise my son - he lied.

I can not, how can I kick him out? How can I stay with something and live? I can't move - I have to give birth in weeks and the baby is small, and the money...

⠀ My parents are old and can't help. All my friends are in the distant past as I was married for eight years before that, but my ex has his own life, he warned me about this man (as in fact everyone around), but I did not believe his word, and now there is no way to retreat - my friends are afraid to mess with him.
37 weeks.
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Scary. There is no protection from pet boxers in post Soviet countries as the police just don't give a shit. And it's even scarier that women have a second child in these situations. You are an adult, have you not heard of contraception? If you don't feel sorry for yourself, at least feel sorry for your children, what kind of life awaits them with such parents.