Hello! I am a young mother with two children yearlings! Married 5 years! Husband has always shown outbursts!

Unsubstantiated jealousy, humiliation, p*boys! then forgive I love! forgive, love! Then pregnancy, everything was great, with half a year of the baby everything became terrible again! As a result, a second pregnancy (not planned)!

All pregnancy humiliation, scandals, jealousy, fboys, kicked out of the house!!! He says it's my fault! I'm supposed to keep quiet that he's lying like a log! He works says and I don't do a fcking thing (with two small children) I am alone, grandmothers work, the child alone is 2,3 and 5!

Breaks phones, rips up passports! Humiliates me with horrible words! He says I leave my children alone, I run to the neighbor (even though I do not know him!) I never gave any reason to stay home, I never went out with my girlfriends during my marriage, he fenced me off from everyone, but he has friends, he never sleeps at home!

I can not buy clothes for myself, and if I buy them seldom, then reluctantly, because it is his money I always save on myself, we bought winter clothes for him first, the children to buy them were waiting for their salaries!

Everywhere I cook wrong food, wash wrong clothes, do nothing, even though my washing machine has been leaking for two months and nothing! I deprive myself all the time!

A few days ago he said that if I do not shut up he will beat me with a children's scooter, I cried half the night, all the children can hear, two days I did not communicate and do not communicate until yesterday began to attack, said I will call the police!

Told me what to do if I want to have sex! Said, hurry up and get out of here, I will at least bring the girls, this is my home and hearth with the kids, I do not want anybody to be here, I say go away yourself, but he does not go away, although there is a place!

I have no strength, I am on the edge, I hide with the kids then I go crazy, my self-esteem is zero, I hate myself! I want to enjoy life! Tell me how to get away from this relationship, they are like an addiction, how to live alone with two children?