My husband has a mistress and as it turned out they have been working together for 5 years.

I used to speculate, but I thought I was winding myself up and tried to let it go. But after a while I realized that I was right.

There is a lot of indirect evidence, but no direct evidence. My husband is very careful and cleans up everything.

I found out exactly who the mistress was, her marital status and everything connected with her. At first there were scandals, then attempts to talk quietly, now I just keep quiet, as after every attempt to broach the subject I come out to blame myself (according to my husband) as I did not catch her and therefore there is nothing to complain about.

Although I repeat that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence, I will not list it. We have three children and a married couple!!!!

I am heartbroken over everything that is going on, and I realize that I am suffering myself and my children see everything. And he's just getting comfortable. When he is at home he is the ideal husband and father, he is never late from work (and he doesn't need to be, because they work together and there are night shifts too).

I made it my goal to prove by all means and get a divorce, because I realize that I cannot go on living like this. He is the only one who is comfortable in this situation. Unfortunately he did not help me at all and I had to solve all the problems myself.

How can I prove that he has a mistress? That he's making a bitch out of me? He is very careful. Please help me with advice.