I am 34 years old. I live in St. Petersburg. Beautiful, bought a house, a BMW. All my youth I had a career, etc.
And now in his adulthood I realized that it is too late with children. begin to grow old. long time to calm down to stop plowing and get married, slow down and have a baby! Otherwise I'll regret it later.

And so, I met a man. He was not like all my exes (those macho, businessmen, successful and impetuous, but he was a mama's boy, or a womanizer, or a married man, or a greedy one).

The new man (already six months with him) he is soft, unhurried, kind and generous to me! All at my feet ready! He is 40 years old. Wants children, his ex did not want them. There is a four-room apartment. he reads a lot. Reasonable, logical, consistent. Responsible, reliable. From time to time I have fun and warmth with him!

But! I look at him and do not understand what we do together. Even though I have warmth and appreciation for him, we are different. He is slow, I am quicker to think and make decisions, he is clumsy, inattentive! It's so horrible to see! He gets stuck somewhere, he's completely clueless about technique. He's not smart! I don't know how he lives like that!

He also has a gentle gesture and voice. I understand, at 40 years old, you can't change it! But maybe this is me being intolerant and for the first time a real relationship, I'm not used to it? I'm constantly picking on him, balking, remaking in little things, in his habits. If he matured, stopped mumbling, became quick, decisive, everything would be perfect!

I lost respect for him because of my nagging! Then I lost my attraction.

He used to drive me to org*zms at first, and now I don't even want to hug him.
Also, he had epilepsy when he was young. And he's on medication for life. He hasn't had a seizure in ten years, though.