I don't work, my husband supports me and the child. We live on average, we don't live in luxury. I can't work, the circumstances are such that I have to take care of the child.

There are no grandmothers and I have no one to help the child. My husband constantly demands s*x, he needs it every day.

I'm fine once or twice a week. But he constantly forces if I do not give a scandal. He's always blaming me for the money. He says if there is no s*x his mood goes bad and starts. I will not give money, I will not go to the store, the child will not take to the clinic. And so all the time, you have to sleep with him to get him to do something. I want him to bring me my paycheck, I have to sleep with him.

All conversations and compromises lead to scandals. All I hear is you have to, I feed you. At the first request of her husband must, and no matter where.

Even when we are guests and sleep in a room where other people sleep, it does not stop him. He says this is my responsibility, and if I will not do it, and he will not perform theirs (to support, take care of the child, etc.).

As an example, I woke up in the morning from his attacks. I look, and the child is already spinning now awake. I say not today, the child wakes up, and I hear you make me hate the child.