My husband and I lived together for five years. Then we moved to another city, both changed jobs. At the new office he was "stressed" for a long time, he could not get used to it, he was stressed all the time. He came home angry and tired, went straight to bed. We got a little estranged, I tried to support him, but at first I had no strength for anything either.

Then I began to clean up the mess at my new job, and now I had time to have a normal conversation and discuss the problems. It turned out that my husband was also doing better. He said that his colleague helped him a lot, helped him out, helped him with his reports.

Life became more comfortable, more relaxed, we were getting used to the new home, until one day my husband came home from work and said he was leaving for this very colleague. How she charmed him so quickly is unclear! Perhaps the stressful situation had that effect on him. "I'm pregnant!" - I blurted out, naively believing it would fix the situation. We had always wanted a baby, I thought this news would bring him back down to earth. He ended up saying he needed time to think about it. The next day he came back and said he would help me with everything, support me, before and after the baby was born, but he still left. I'm shocked, of course, even the imaginary pregnancy didn't convince my husband of the value of our relationship.

Now I think, why did we move in the first place? If we had lived in our hometown, we would have been happy, we would have had a baby! What can be so attracted to another woman in a couple of months that a man is ready to leave his pregnant wife after 10 years of dating and 5 years of marriage?