Back in my youth, 13 years ago, my husband dated a girl.

She was character-driven, passionate, temperamental, yet proud.

In their relationship she let herself be loved, and he loved, ran after her. He himself said he felt both good and bad with her at the same time.

I met him in a group, I liked him immediately, I took the initiative myself, I didn't know about this girl. And when I found out I was in love up to my ears. I literally begged him for love. Eventually that girl found out about me and dumped him.

But with time his pain subsided, we got married, had children, life, etc.

Recently I found out that they met by chance in the park, then he found her on facebook, he corresponds with her for two months, she responds unambiguously, and he seems interested, I do not show interest.

That madam is free, beautiful, in an expensive car, we are both 30, my husband is 37.