Hello! I would like to know the opinion of others and maybe find a solution to the problem.

⠀ My husband used to drink every weekend and it got to the point where he was walking under himself, the situation started repeating itself more and more often, I was terrified.

I feel pity for the furniture which he damaged without knowing what he was doing, but most of all I am ashamed that my 10 year old daughter can see the consequences of daddy's rest.

I fought, I talked, and eventually he said: "that's it, I won't drink anymore!" Two weeks pass and his birthday comes around. I want to celebrate, of course, and everything repeats.

I read that this can be cured, but I can see that the man doesn't need it. He cannot drink at all, all the time he does not have enough, he needs more until he falls asleep at the table.

He is very hardworking himself, he does all his male duties around the house, but this situation repulses me from him. I do not want to see, hear, or sleep with him after that. And why such a life is necessary, if your half does not want to solve the problems, and then it will only get worse. What do you say?