Anyway, yesterday I found my husband's correspondence with some girl. It turned out to be a work colleague who had recently transferred to them. The correspondence was password-protected on Viber.

I asked my husband what the correspondence was about. He turned on the "goofy" saying he didn't know what the correspondence was, didn't know the password, and didn't know how it was hidden.

⠀ He tells me he does not know the password, he does not know the password, and he does not know what it was.

⠀ Before he confessed to me, he cleaned up the chat history. I recovered the history, and there he calls her the queen, writes that he misses her, that he wants to meet her. Judging by the correspondence, they met a couple of times and just had coffee. He would go on his day off to the gas station near her
dormitory and had coffee with her there.

He says he had never been to her house. He swears that nothing happened with her, that he didn't cheat on her, and he doesn't intend to.

He says he never even hugged her or kissed her. He drove her to work from the train a couple of times. He says he is just talking to her, that he is just a light flirt and nothing more than that, just a colleague.

She has been divorced two times already, she divorced her second husband because he cheated on her. I ask my husband why he behaves this way, what is he missing? He says he is fine, he just misses the sweet and bouquet period.

We've been together for 12 years and then this. I don't even know what to do. Believe him or not.