I was on holiday in an Arab country. We went on excursions and on one of the excursions we were met by a young man (younger than me by 5-7 years). Very handsome, tall, statuesque.

I never liked oriental men, but this one gave me goosebumps. I had it only once - at the age of 15 in a children's camp, when I fell in love.

He immediately singled me out from everyone at the entrance and began to twirl around. Then in the hall where they were selling all kinds of souvenirs, he started playing with my child, showering him and me with compliments, giving me sweets, running to make tea for me and juice for my child.

You'd think he just wanted to sell us something. But there were a lot of women sellers there, he didn't offer to buy anything.

Then I was standing in another room in the queue for the toilet. He found me there too, ran up to me, started chatting and joking with my child and chatting with me again, touching my back and arms lightly with his hot hands. It made me feel hot.

Then our guide started to collect us, and this guy ran to meet another delegation and we never saw each other again.

I photographed him discreetly when I was already sitting in the bus and he was seeing off the delegation. I'm back from holiday now, but I can't forget him.

There are men I talk to, but I don't like anyone. I communicate through force in the hope that they will start courting, but they don't, I am bored with them.

I'm thinking maybe I can find him on social media. I know where he works. Or is it nonsense and I'll only make things worse for myself? How do I get over him?