Hello. I would like to share with you my assumptions about a man I like and would like to have a relationship with.

We have a man at work, a couple of years ago he became the head of one of the departments. He is 33, in general a pleasant-looking man, I would say handsome (from certain angles), about 185 cm tall, trim figure, like a sportsman, and in general, in conversation pleasant, as I understand it.

And here, what is strange to me, he is not married. And, as I found out from others' words, he was never married and has no children. 90 percent of the time he's at work. And a beloved woman, with such a schedule is unlikely to have.

So I wonder what the catch can be. There are all kinds of rumors about everybody at work, including him. From the fact that he is of non-traditional orientation, right up to the fact that he is a hidden drunk.

It's not without reason, there is an opinion that good men and guys are usually taken apart at once, in general, the right and excellent men and guys - the girls and wife will be. But here it is strange, all this.

What do you think the catch is? Just think it turns out that the man is just the perfect candidate for me (high zp, generally good-looking, hard-working, etc. things).