Good afternoon, I have a very strange situation, please help.

My husband works as a freelancer and is always at home, and in general he is a homebody, and I work in an office, constantly in the community.

⠀ The thing is, he was offered a very good job in an office, 5/2 from 9 to 18:00.

⠀ I don't want him to leave the house at all, much less work in an office, I told him to tell his bosses to work remotely.

⠀ I'm afraid that he will hang out with coworkers where there will suddenly be girls, and they will be alluring him, flirting with him, and God forbid he will fall for it and cheat on him.

I had a very bitter experience with my ex before my husband, I was cheated and humiliated for 5 years, I wouldn't want that to happen again.

Or is it all in my head? Please help me to rethink this.

I keep thinking to myself, everyone has husbands working and nothing like this happens. My husband loves me very much and I'm afraid someone will change his character.