Ten years ago, when we got married, I was earning very little compared to my husband. But in the last two years things have changed a lot.

I set up an online store and my income has become big, even after deducting taxes and other expenses, but my husband's has decreased, because he stopped trying and getting bonuses.

Now all the family support is on me. For three months now, my husband has been trying to brainwash me about the fact that I prevent him from feeling like a breadwinner with my income.

He says that if I don't close up store, he will divorce me and find someone who makes him feel like a breadwinner. His self-esteem is down.

I've told him more than once to start trying again and getting bonuses, then our income will equalize. All he does is wave his hand. He doesn't even talk sense.

How am I supposed to wind down the business when we have a mortgage and two kids. Although sometimes I think that either he is just jealous, or he found another one and is looking for an opportunity to get out.