We've been living together for six months, but we've been together for two years.

I started asking questions about marriage, and he had one answer: "It's too early, you need to get used to everyday life, and why do you need a stamp at all! I stumbled for a second. And really - why!?

I can not argue with him intelligently, but I understand that it is important to me! The whole point is that he was married 10 years ago, she gave him a son right away, but he didn't love her, he married her because she was pregnant.

They lived together for 5 years and separated. He hasn't seen his son since. I still look at his ex-wife's page.

By the way, she did not delete their photos together, although it seems there is a man - I do not understand how a self-respecting new man tolerates such sk*tty in social networks, where his woman is kissing his ex, even if it was 100 years, and I am sick of looking at their photos. "Don't go on her page," you'll say! But I can't help myself sometimes.

I envy her that she gave birth to him, I envy that she was with him in a white dress so easily, quickly and beautifully. And I get some ridiculous childish argument that it's not time yet. We live at my place. And you can not kick out just like that, they say, go away if you do not want to get married after six months.

I do not know what to do. At times all is calm, but when thoughts of it come to mind, it becomes insulting and anger finds. How can I influence him to propose?