I have been dating a man for three years, everything was good, as in any relationship during the candy-coquetal period. He is a wealthy widower, 47 years old.

I live alone, I have my own apartment, in the summer I should buy the second one, I work, I am 33 years old. I have been seeing him for three years, sometimes he brings his children, more often at weekends. In general, we live together.

Our finances are kept apart, I ask for them when I need them, but he never gives a hint. I do everything on my own, and all my leisure time activities are always initiated by me. He never gave me presents, he came, ate, slept, went to the cinema, drank coffee, that was all our communication.

Six months ago I saw the documents that he had given all the real estate registered in his name to his wife, married her a month after I met her, bought her a new car, gave her a small business to run, took her to resorts abroad. I cannot say she was a beauty: tall, thin, an ordinary girl.

And I felt so hurt and pained that all this time I had been "working my ass off", trying to do everything for him, for us. I am waiting for a suggestion, an initiative, but nothing in return. Yesterday I said everything to him and told him that I could not go on, that I wanted to have a normal full family, to live with a man, to make plans together, to achieve something together, to go towards the goal. I did everything for her by myself and all I have to do is talk about it.

I feel I am wasting my life on empty hopes, I feel superfluous, I am looking for a place where there is no place at all.

⠀ To my remarks he replied as follows: "That was a different time, money was easy to come by, I cannot get married now, my mother is sick, you cannot live with her.

I have no strength left, it hurts and hurts. What do you advise, to leave this relationship or not?