Hello! I have been saving for a very long time, when I got married my husband did not know about the savings, I transferred all the money (my savings before marriage) to a foreign currency account.

Very long they lay on percent, once to me have called from Bank where money lay to specify - whether I at all (that I about that they lay there knew - but I did not look there for 5 years) and have asked to arrive to prolong the contract as conditions of deposits have changed.

When I have arrived to bank, it has appeared, that on the account has saved a sum big enough - on which it is possible to buy a flat in a new building, I have reflected on flat purchase, but as I am in marriage - I cannot allow to make it together with the husband, there are no relatives, reliable people too.

We live in a rented flat, have a child, what if we get divorced? How can I protect myself - so as not to lose the house (which I will buy), I am not complaining about my husband - but I want to protect myself. Who knows how things work then. Please give advice. thank you!