We were together for three years, before the New Year, my husband said that he would celebrate the holiday with his ex-wife's children and his parents, and I could go to a friend's house, for example.

It was the last episode that opened my eyes to the fact that my husband didn't love me, he was just using me.

He lives at my house with everything ready to go, spends minimal on household, ss always, often drives my car and other things. He never has any money, because half of his salary goes to his ex-wife, her kids, and what they want.

When I got married, I knew he was an alimony man, but I was in love. Moreover, my ex-husband was always blabbering and lying beautifully about how he supposedly loved me. Leisure time between us was rare, all his free time he was running to his former family.

I finally realized that I did not need a husband for whom I and our future were the 10th priority. Who doesn't want to spend time with me, with whom I can't have a child, and with whom I can't even talk about two.

After his statement, I told him he was going out to celebrate with his stuff. So the bastard yelled and called me names. He said children were angels, and I dared to be displeased with their presence and decided to throw the caring father who now had to pay for an apartment and drive a rusty 9 car out into the street.

It really hurt me that I wasted so much time on him, that I didn't listen to my parents and friends, who said that an alimony man can't be a good father and husband.

Who had a similar experience, how did you handle it? Did I do everything right?