Help me make up my mind. It so happened that when I was young, I met a guy seven years older than me. He fell in love. I was good with him. He helped me in everything, gave me gifts, was always there when necessary.

I decided to break up with him because we were not similar in temperament when it came to s*x. We stayed friends. (We are still friends)) I have the keys to his apartment. 100% trust. That's the first one.

The second - fell in love after I broke up with the first. Passionate sx to this day. We lived, cried wedding, but he was calculating, I made a decision to break up and continue sx.

Both of them call me to live with them. They help me)) - I live alone))) both spoiled)) one is 38, the other is 36.

Man, I can't pick one. They are both cool)) each in his own way. How to make up your mind? I recently caught myself thinking that I love two of them.)