Girls, hi. I've been married for 4 years, I'm 25, no kids yet. I recently started dating an old friend of mine.

He has a family and two kids already. I have to confess that I have liked this friend since my childhood and tried to have a relationship with him for a long time, but it didn't work out, and then he disappeared from my sight for 6 years. And then he showed up again recently. So here's the bottom line.

He has offered to make a baby in secret from my husband and at the weekend we have already started to try, I have decided that I want it. Now the question itself - how do I give my husband the baby as his? I want to be firmly convinced that I got pregnant from a friend and therefore do not want my husband to cum in me.

But the flip side, how can I then prove to my husband that I did not cum in me, I got pregnant by him?

I beg your help. All citizens with insults to my address, go to hell, I want to hear actionable advice, maybe someone will understand me.

Biologically, my husband, me and my friend's eyes are gray, my husband's hair is blond, me and my friend's is dark.