We all live together - me, my husband, our child and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law is 80 years old, she gave birth when she was 45, her son is her only son and she did not see her granddaughter until she was 79. I'm 28.

My mother-in-law is a very bossy person, she is used to having everything her own way, physically she is still very strong, she runs faster than the younger people. The baby is still 9 months old.

Actually, the problem is that the relationship with my mother-in-law did not work out in the beginning, as she does not respect anybody, she does not know who she is and wants everything to be only according to her.

And now she tries to draw all the attention of the child to herself - that is, all the time she is near us, when the child begins to crawl towards me - she tries to snatch him to not crawl up to me, forbids me to take him in her arms, in any situation she tries to take the child to her place, and when the child is a year old, she says that the child will sleep with her.

I try not to pay attention, but it really pisses me off. Also, the child does not react to me at all, but smiles at the sight of her, reaches out to her. So I understand that the grandmother is native and it is normal.

What annoys me is her obvious pulling of the child's attention. My husband doesn't care, he thinks I'm the problem. I do not say anything to her either.

Living separately from her is out of the question - she's 80 years old, she's old and alone, and her husband won't leave his own house for a rented flat. Girls who have a similar situation, can you tell me how you deal with it?