Girls, I would like to hear your opinion. Perhaps I can not look adequately at the situation from the outside, or I'm spiralling.

Situation: I was on a business trip in Poland, at a distance with a young man about 4 weeks and decided to come to him on his birthday, we meet about 3 months.

At first I lived at my friend's place, then I rented a room to be together this time, he proposed to me, gave me a ring, a couple of days later I had my birthday, congratulations were in words, he spent on the ring.

All week I paid for food, travel, money for my phone, once in a cafe he paid me a glass of beer.

I was a little upset about it, found myself a second job (not because of him, just so decided). Now he asked for a loan of 200u.ue. For me, that he asks a girl for a loan is a bit wild.

Well and cherry on the cake, when I came to him more than once I also bought groceries, tickets back and forth also paid myself well and once he had no money and I paid for us in a cafe.

The $50 he spent on us at the cafe he calls "our evening cost me a penny".

Maybe I'm **eela in the extreme and demand a lot or maybe vice versa? I want an opinion!