We met on a dating website. I am 32 he is 53. Told him right away that I like care, not words, hinted that I don't mind getting mp, under*takes.

And there's no price tag for s*x or meetings. It's like an easy arrangement at the beginning and then only as he wants and support at his initiative.

I don't have the energy to look for normal options through intuition and wasting my time and kindness among all the rabble that sits there. So this is a great option for me, to find what I need: companionship, s*x, care, I don't need the rest, I can't fall in love and I don't want to get married.

I am not beautiful, even rather the contrary, but interesting and s*x and caress I give chic. Is 500 dollars for the first month normal? He's obviously not a poor man.