I have been taught since childhood that clothes are washed after every wear.

All my shirts, T-shirts, turtlenecks and light trousers go in the washing machine in the evening. Jeans I can only wear a couple of times.

And her clothes go in the wardrobe! It annoys me! She only washes things if there's visible dirt!!! And doesn't understand why she has to wash "clean" clothes! And I'm sorry, she rarely washes bras either! Takes them off and puts them in the wardrobe!

To be fair, her clothes do look clean and smell nice. It's like she doesn't sweat at all. I sweat seven sweats at the slightest exertion, and she doesn't give a damn.

Maybe all women are like that. But all the clothes in my family were washed every day - my mother's and my sister's as well. How do you get her to do her own laundry?