We began to meet/communicate with a man, communication for several months, and from him there are slip strange phrases, at first told about the ex, that she was only interested in restaurants and it terribly pissed him off, he is an adult man (he is 38) and well provided for everything. I am quite a self-sufficient girl and do not ask him for anything.

Due to circumstances he was forced to go away for a couple of months on a business trip, so the communication at the moment is only by phone.

Our relationship has not had time to grow into a closer one due to his departure, but from his words he is serious and almost sees my future wife in me. During this time of communication, he is kind of interested, but in fact I am on my own now, and my difficulties also solve themselves.

Recently, there was a situation where I needed fipanza funds, and I had to borrow from my mother, he was well aware of this, I repeat, I did not ask him for anything.

But it's strange to me, if he is so serious about it, does he really not care that much about my temporary difficulties?

At the same time, in the conversation he said that he recently helped a close friend of his, what can this mean?