everal years ago I stopped communicating with a man, which lasted 4 months.

At first I was in love, but I realized with my head that something was wrong and I did not get close to him for a long time.

In the end we slept together once, I did not like it, especially I did not like how he behaved after sx - he started rudeness like "it was not my fault, you did not have time to fck, your problems".

A month after that incident, he wrote something and started being rude again, I blocked and do not want to communicate in any way. I have never encountered such a thing, all my men were adequate.

Now it has been more than 3 years (!) and he tried to write in social networks, I immediately blocked, BUT I began to see him at my work!

Already flashed him three times. The other day he was standing looking out from behind a tree and that's when I felt bad. He's already married and had a baby, and still can't let go of the fact that I bumped him off. I'm afraid of him; you don't know what to expect from him.