I have been living with a man for four and a half years. Everything seems to be going well. But there's just one problem. He only gives me money after we've had sex.

Even though it's the usual needs, clothes, furniture, etc. .... It's kind of his thing. I'm sick of it.

I recently needed money to go to the therapist. I only go to a private doctor. And I told him he was kidding, it's not funny. So he wouldn't give it to me. Borrowed it from a friend and told her the whole thing. She wagged her head and said I was just a d-ura. I was mad at my friend. But I borrowed the money.

Went to the therapist yesterday. In general, I now have to give a friend and two more appointments money in the end.

What am I supposed to do? I'm so ashamed to beg. I work, too, but I get very little. He's obsessed with it.