Hello. The situation is as follows: I have been living with a man for 15 years, we are not married, that is, it turns out, as roommates.

We are together since 17 years, now I am 32, no children, he is 37. At first when we started living together, especially when we were very young, we didn't think about it.

But time went by, he built a career, I went to uni, but I work at a simple job, as I am mostly engaged in the arrangement of the household.

My man is very picky in the home, a little something wrong, not happy. When I started hinting to him about marriage and children, at first he joked, then began to argue that we have not yet lived a good life for ourselves, then that the crisis broke out and he was afraid for his career, and now, that the situation in the country is difficult... In general, excuses.

He does not want to hear about the marriage. He bought two apartments while we were living together, both registered in the name of his parents.

I'm already tired of waiting and hoping, on the other hand, to spend 15 years of my life and stay without relations, children and prospects, too, I do not want. I am in an absolute dead end.