We started dating a colleague at work and I suggested we live together. He's kind, caring, interesting.

We chose a rented flat, agreed to pay 50/50 for everything, both with the same salary.

We discussed it one more time the day before and went to make an agreement! We signed it.... It was time to give the money to the landlady! I get my half of the money... And he doesn't!!!! And he says to the landlady: let us pay you half now and the other half later! AND I JUST STAND THERE IN SHOCK. I start talking nonsense, saying, oh sorry, my boyfriend just forgot to withdraw the money from the ATM, I'll come right away.

I take him out of the flat, I ask what is going on? And he says he doesn't have any money... I ask him when did you find out you had no money and why didn't you tell me? He excused himself by saying that he was ashamed to tell me, and that he knew that he did not have the money a week before!!! and kept quiet.

Anyway, I paid the rent myself, we moved in. He gave me back the "half" from my salary. But it left a residue.

Soon I was in hospital, I went to a hospital, I paid for everything myself.

I asked him to come and get me, because I can't stand on my legs... and he said he had no money for the trip!!.! That made me angry, so I told him to borrow it from a friend or his mum! He replied that he was ashamed to borrow money, as if it were his principles. I ended up paying again... And he didn't mind again.

Other than that, he's a wonderful man! But we have only been living together for a month and I am scared, what will happen next?